Check in to Balance Your Energy

In this post I discuss the importance of taking time to check in with yourself on a regular basis. Also included are tips on dealing with various types of energy


10/24/20224 min read

Self care is such a buzz word these days, I prefer to refer to it as filling your cup. It is important to take care of ourselves. By doing so we are able to help others and do our jobs from a better place of balance and ease. Think of it this way when your cup is empty you find yourself feeling thirsty. This same principle applies to our energy and how we feel in our daily lives. When our "cup is empty" we may feel depleted, lethargic, irritable, frustrated, or any combination of negative feelings. We need to make time to fill our cup on a regular basis. This will help us feel more balanced and harmonious in our lives. However, this can be easier said than done. Read on for tips to "fill your own cup" on a regular basis without the need to go on an exotic and expensive retreat.

Check In With Yourself

Ideally you would do this daily. But really even once a week can go a long way to identifying what you need to fill your cup. Ask yourself the following questions and allow the space to listen to the answers that come.

What would best serve you today?

What do you need today?

What would help you most today?

Much like a customer service representative may ask how they can help you, ask how you can help yourself. Do you need to say no to something? Maybe you need to set aside 30 minutes for yourself. Perhaps making a list of must do's and then edit that list down to the absolute must complete today.

For example, "I need to sweep and mop the entire downstairs". I can assure you the world will not implode because you skipped that activity for the day. Sometimes we have to evaluate what is really important. Instead of cleaning, take that time for yourself. I'm here to tell you, it is perfectly fine to be selfish in this context.

Increasing Your Energy

At times you may find your energy is low. This can be caused by a variety of things such as overworking, an illness, or not sleeping well. In the case of low energy you will need to evaluate the cause of low energy to decide which course of action is right for you. If you are severely depleted or are dealing with an illness, the next section may be the better choice (Rest + Reset). However, if you find your energy is lower than is usual for you there are options to increase your energy.


Do a movement based practice such as yoga, a flow class is ideal to get the energy moving

Try some breathwork. Make your inhales and exhales equal lengths.

Go for a walk, preferably outside.

Sip on herbal tea.

Find your favorite way to get your body moving. See how that increases blood flow and your energy.

Rest + Reset

Sometimes what you really need is a rest & reset. When you find your energy is very depleted or you are dealing with an illness it's time to slow down and rest. This is where listening to your body becomes so important. Ask yourself the questions above and tune into the answers. Not what you think you need but what your body actually needs. If you are a go-getter you may think you have to be going all the time but your body needs the opposite. Try out some of these options and see how you feel after.


Do a yin or restorative style yoga class.

Give yourself the gift of a nap.

Read your favorite book, just for fun.

Turn off your devices and unplug for a bit.

Go for a hike, kayak, or your favorite outdoor activity. Keep this low intensity, relax and enjoy the activity.

Try some breathwork. Make your exhales longer than your inhales.

Journal while savoring a cup of hot tea.

Calm for Anger or Frustration

We all have moments of frustration or anger. This is a normal human response to a variety of situations. First acknowledge your frustration or anger. Ask yourself why are you frustrated or angry. Can you remove yourself from the situation easily? Sometimes walking away from a situation can help tamp down the reaction. However, you may find yourself in a situation you cannot get away from. In either case, here are some tips to help deal with frustration or anger.


Breathwork is your friend here. Notice your breath and work to equal out your breath. Count it out.

Ask this question "Will this matter tomorrow, next week, 6 months, or 20 years from now?". This has a way of putting things in perspective.

Acknowledge the frustration and divert your attention elsewhere. Take a break from it. Come back to it when your mind is more calm and ready to handle the challenge.

Do a brisk yoga class to let off the steam of a frustrating day.

Overwhelm or Too Busy

There are times you may find yourself simply overwhelmed by work, family, and life in general. Your schedule is too busy or jam packed. It can feel impossible to accomplish all that is on your plate. You may find yourself saying, "if only I had more hours in my day or week, then I could get it all done". But often times even with more time, it can be difficult to do it all. Therein lies the key. It's important to let go of that type of thinking, "I must do it all". After all you are human not a superhuman. Acknowledge that and try out some of the following tips.


Learn the fine art of "saying no". This will go a long way to overcoming overwhelm.

Write out your schedule with the most important tasks listed first. Wish list items toward the bottom. If time permits then start work on those.

Make space for some downtime. This can give you the boost to tackle your many projects.

Delegate tasks out when possible. Remind yourself "I can only do so much in a day".

Take 5-10 minutes to focus on your breath &/or do some simple stretches to release the energy of overwhelm.

Want more tips, ideas, or yoga practices?

Visit my YouTube channel for a variety of yoga classes to help balance your energy.